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Professional Highlights

After receiving his B.A. degree from MSU in 1956, Jack received his DDS from the University of Michigan in 1960, and an M.S. in his specialty of orthodontics from Case Western Reserve University in 1963. As a research fellow, his thesis on Facial Growth and Development was awarded second prize in the American Association of Orthodontists [AAO] annual Milo Hellman Research Competition. He subsequently lectured in Lima Peru, and at orthodontic meetings in the USA. He was elected as a delegate to the American Dental Association for 22 years, and as a delegate and council member to the AAO for 27 years. Jack is well recognized in the profession of dentistry as a member of the honorary organizations, The American College of Dentistry, The International College of Dentistry and the Pierre Fauchard Academy.
Dr. Jack Beattie has received the 2nd Prize: Milo Hellman Research Award, highest research award given annually to the top orthodontic research project by a resident or faculty member.






Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Jack Beattie has received the Florida Association of Orthodontists’ Distinguished Service Award, as well as the Southern Association of Orthodontists’ Oren Oliver Distinguished Service Award. 


Dr. Beattie was inducted in the Bay City Central Alumni Hall of Fame, created to help students build pride in their school, find identity in a large school, and reach standards. Under the direction of the Student Council, the Hall of Fame recognizes those graduates whose achievements serve to inspire today's youth.



Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Jack Beattie has received the Florida Association of Orthodontists’ Distinguished Service Award


Orlando Sentinel

Dr. Jack Beattie

exceptional Central Floridian


Dr. Jack Beattie has been featured in the Orlando Sentinel as an exceptional that to Central Floridians, aging is just a myth. "Adrenaline keeps you young, is my personal theory", says Dr. Beattie.

Holding six U.S. Masters Swimming records and winning gold medals in 100-meter and 200-meter events, Dr. Jack Beattie continues to swim for about an hour and a half nearly every day. He also works out with Nautilus equipment and free weights. "The trick to staying active", he says, "is to keep doing what you did when you were younger, and have fun with it."

In addition to swimming competitively since his teens, becoming a high school All American and Collegiate All American at Michigan State University, Dr. Beattie is also accomplished in downhill slalom snow skiing holding a extensive collection of bronze, silver and gold medals.



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